VietWin Lite Startup Version

In order to accompany and support new business units entering the Egames market, VietWin accounting software has updated the VietWin Lite accounting software version.

VietWin Lite has an accounting function completely free, for all customers who are interested and wishing to experience VietWin’s products – the current preeminent accounting software. 

Feature Testing

VietWin Lite does not integrate supporting tools such as: Reference Account, the account's status change feature, the formula matching feature. ... like the standard VietWin software version.

Multi-level Management

VietWin Lite supports adding 3 accounts (unlimited subordinate accounts) for systems P88Bet, Macao166, FishBet, 91Bets.

iGaming System Diversity

Support add 1 top-level account (unlimited subordinate accounts) for other systems on the market such as : Viva88, Sbobet, LVS, , ONE789...

Lucky On May


Lucky Draw At the End Of The Year


Launches 01 Month Term Version